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Upon arrival on your site I will walk and view the entire property circling the house several times to insure that I view all potentially damaged structural features. Specific items that I look for while outside the house:

•   Drainage and slope away from the perimeter of the foundation.

•   Cracks in brick veneer (and/or damaged wood veneer) which are measured and orientation noted.

•   Separation between brick and wood veneers.

•   Sags in rooflines, damaged shingles and chimney (if available).

Once inside the house I view all structural features including the structural wood in the attic. I measure floor differential elevations using a Digital Leveling System. Specific items that I look for while inside the house:

•   Cracks in sheetrock and tile floors.

•   Tight or loose doors and windows.

•   Wall moisture content.

•   View chimney firebox for possible cracks.

TIME:      The physical structural inspection is performed in 2 to 3 hours. The report will be submitted within 24-hours following initiation of inspection. The stuctural report will be faxed and two hard copies send by regular mail.

COST:     A structural inspection on a residential home is $375.00 plus mileage. An inspection on a manufacturer home is $325.00 plus mileage. Commercial property is $400 per building and up plus mileage. Payment is requested immediately following the physical inspection and prior to submittal of report. Payment can be made by either check or cash.

EXTRAS:     Structural inspection will be discounted if two or more residential houses are inspected back-to-back. The final cost will depend upon the number of houses and their proximity to each other.

REPORT:     A comprehensive report will consist of four major sections: Exterior structural features, interior structural features, conclusion and recommendations. A sketch of the floor plan is included using a Delta Cad graphical program. The report will be sealed by a Texas Professional Engineer's stamp.

CLIENT:     I request that the client be on site during the physical inspection to discuss the engineer's findings and answer any questions they may have.


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